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  • I’m a composer. How do I submit music?
    Head to the Composer Hub to complete your application and submit your music.
  • I’m a client. Where can I listen to and license your music?
    Our music is available for auditioning and licensing on our global Sub-Publishers' websites and the Harvest Media Player. See contact page for links depending on your country.
  • I'm a client. Can I get custom/bespoke music?
    Sure, drop us a line at, we’re very interested to hear what you are looking for.
  • How many production music albums do you have?
    Currently, 86 and growing.
  • What styles or genres do you release?
    An eclectic array to meet the demands of any production. Orchestral, synthetic, pop, rock, hybrid, atmospheric, piano based, etc. You get the idea. Take a listen and hear for yourself.
  • Where are you?
    We are based in London and Manchester, UK.
  • Who are you?
    We are Tolga, David, Jenny, Sami, and Maya, a small team of UK based composers, producers, curators and administrators, with a wide range of industry experience. See our ‘Who are we’ page for more info (coming soon).
  • Can I work for you?
    Yes, if we have a vacancy. We currently don't have any available.
  • Who should I contact?
    You can contact for all submission enquiries
  • What makes Lightsong Music different to other production music libraries?
    We believe that in working closely with our composers in a language they understand, and making them a true part of the team, we can achieve great things. Production music is released in vast quantities but we aim to raise the quality bar. We believe that through collaboration and expertise, we deliver a catalogue of music that excels in terms of production, composition, and commercial viability.
  • What is Harvest Media?
    Harvest Media is a hosting platform which allows us to present all of our catalogue online and distribute it to our global Sub-Publishers.
  • Where is the music released? Who are your Sub-Publishers?
    Please see the contact page for more info of our distribution network and links to our representation in countries across the globe. Our music also goes straight to the fingertips of BBC, ITV and Channel 5 programme-makers through their in-house music search platforms.
  • I’m not a musician but I want to work with you.
    Great, we’re interested to hear about what you can offer. Please email with your inquiry.
  • I’m a graphic artist, mastering engineer, mixer - can I work with you?"
    Yes you can, send us some examples of your work and we will see if we have any opportunities to work together.
  • I haven't got a reply yet...
    Have you sent your email to the correct address? If so, we aim to respond as soon as possible, but we deal with a large workload and must prioritise emails depending on urgency - thank you for your patience!
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