Welcome to your page, this is where you will find all the information

you need to become a part of our network.

We at Lightsong are dedicated to providing our composers with clarity and support.


The Lightsong team is made up of composers and musicians who know

what it takes to make a great track and how to provide you with the best opportunities of landing that sync.


With new briefs opening every month, you are welcome to apply to as many as you can commit to.

Please make sure your track is as complete as possible and full length, terms and conditions do apply to each submission, so make sure to read them carefully! 


You can submit music for a specific brief via the links provided on the briefs page. Please fill out the online form when submitting and send us streaming links to your music in the section provided. 


Tracks should be as complete as possible. We will feedback on tracks and may request some changes but we want to keep this process simple and to a minimum.

Any feedback given will be constructive. 


If we feel it has good potential for the album, we will contact you to inform you. We will do our best to let you know if your tracks haven't been successful and may offer you an alternative place for the track. Please allow time for these processes. 


we believe in investing time and effort to develop them with composers in an atmosphere of mutual growth and benefit - and it's in everyone's interest to get the track sounding great and securing good usage!


If you are sending over unsolicited work we are happy to have a listen but allow us some time to get back to you. Send us Streaming links to your best work and let us know what your strengths are.

We also accept submissions of complete albums.


Composers are completely free to work with other labels and libraries on other works too, but the works published by Lightsong Production Music must be done so exclusively.

A copy of our standard contract can be found here - Follow Link

Our terms, offered in respect to released track(s), are:

• Performance and Mechanical royalties received: 50% to the writer(s), 50% to the publisher(s)

• We require a full assignment of Copyright to be 100% owned by Lightsong Production Music or one of our designated affiliate companies or labels.


There are 2 main methods of payment. Directly from PRS (4 distributions a year: April, July, October, and December) - and via our mechanical distribution which happens half-yearly (at end of March and end of September in a given calendar year).

If you have any questions about working with us, please get in touch on the contact box below with the subject; COMPOSER ENQUIRY, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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