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About Us

Welcome to Lightsong. We are a production music label on a mission to nurture our creative network;

bringing music users closer to the creators. 


Driven by a strong network of 200+ composers, Lightsong is the new addition to our evolving family of music labels. We innovate to deliver the best music options for clients balancing on-trend styles with the tried and tested. Our sister label is the ever-growing Evolution Media Music which has released over 200 albums over the last 3 years.  


At Lightsong we believe that by building and maintaining quality relationships we will together build the best quality music. Our production team works closely with composers to ensure every piece of music is the best it can be. 


As an experienced collective of music creatives ourselves, we share a wide range of in-depth musical knowledge. We have a dedicated music supervision and marketing department to help you find the perfect track for your project, if you need help to navigate the catalogue, we are ready and waiting to narrow down the search and help with any briefs you have. 

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